United We Stand

This blog is by no means large and at the moment the number of contributors is one; me. Hopefully that will change but it might not and that’s fine. However, just in case if anyone who visits this site is wondering what it takes to contribute, here are the answers.

No Feminist Propaganda: If this stipulation wasn’t obvious from the fact that this blog is dedicated to exposing feminist bigotry, here it is in black and white.

Topics Welcome: This is a blog where anyone is welcome to contribute. With that said I am aware of the fact that both men and women have issues. As I stated on the explanation page for this site, the main focus point of F-13 is to expose feminist bigotry. However, that does not mean it is the only focus point of this site. If you are passionate about an issue you feel needs attention and wish to articulate your views on this issue then contact me and tell me what it is you wish to write about and I’ll see about getting you the required access to post on this site.

Contact Email: jmnzz@hotmail.com