Look, But Don’t Look

Are women objectified? We hear it everyday. We hear it so much that for some, the statement simply goes in one ear and out the other. It has become common knowledge that women are being objectified in commercials, billboards, movies, and everywhere else an attractive woman just happens to be standing and men just happen to be looking.


Double Standard Supporters

You will find the zealot anywhere male issues are spoken of or written about. They will barge in, invited or not, and deny anything anyone says that does not fall in line with feminist doctrine or theory. They will do so in an insulting and disgraceful manner and not stop until all but themselves are silenced.

Feminists: So Say One, So Say Them All

Almost any feminist today, be they a remnant of the second wave or a so called third wave moderate will revert to one programmed defense when faced with facts that paint an unsightly smudge across the believed to be good name of feminism. So simple is this defense that while it can so easily be set aside by those digging up the inherent bigotry of feminism, those tossing dirt back into the hole, feminists, seem to grip this new defensive mechanism as tightly as their ideal that women are being oppressed by men this very second.

Primary Aggressor

A quick glance at this double standard operating procedure would not raise too many eyebrows among the general public. How could it? Men do indeed develop in such a way that the average man could do a large amount of damage to the average woman given a physical confrontation. This fact alone is what will run through the majority of minds when the issue of domestic violence is brought to their attention. However, the law is usually never so cut and dry or black and white when it comes to the imprisonment of the general public. There must be more to the nature of domestic violence cases that would make such an obvious gender oriented arrest mandate make sense, right? There indeed is more to the issue of domestic violence that explains the existence of the primary aggressor law, however, the facts do not shine a favorable light upon the law, let alone give it any justification.

Best Interest of the Child

Notice a simple contradiction. Feminists deny the fact that domestic violence and child abuse are two of many things women can use to win custody battles due to bias courts. At the same time they claim that the main reason women initiate divorce the most is because husbands beat their wives and abuse their children. Maybe the courts aren’t bias at all and men really do just beat the women they marry and children they father. That would explain away the explanations of the Men’s Rights groups and put a sound reasoning to the feminist reason behind the fact that mothers receive custody of the children nearly 80% of the time.

Of course to come to that conclusion one must ignore the fact that mothers are the primary abusers of children. However, feminists haven’t ignored this fact. Instead they have another solid explanation. More children live with their mothers than fathers so it would make sense that mothers abuse their children more.