Kellett steps in it, big time

Court transcripts reveal that both defense attorney Jeffry Toothaker and Mary Kellett informed the court that they were both given the erroneous information on Saysane’s conviction by Deputy Attorney General William Stokes, head of the Attorney General’s Office’s criminal division. But Stokes has a strikingly different story. Namely that it never happened.


R/Feminisms: Equality Not Welcome

Feminists are notorious for taking words and creating new definitions for them and even creating new words for the sole purpose of vilifying men. The blog I linked to is no different. The term “dude bro” is already misandric enough without the fabricated definition the blog gives to it. Nonetheless these feminists have created a new classification for men that do not conform to their ideological worldviews. Masculinity appears to be hated at this blog and double standards that favor women are the norm throughout the list. Anyway, zahs_blues had plenty of cause for being offended by the blog post, however, yellowmix felt his concerns were unimportant. Why?

Because zahs is a man.

A feminist hates men if…

Perhaps because to the general populations within western civilizations, especially the male half of those populations, rape is considered a crime worse than murder and men are indeed killed when simply accused of being a rapist? Perhaps the author of the list felt that if characteristics, actions, and beliefs that are mostly perceived to be male were associated with the support of a crime that is in many cases viewed as worse than murder (murder is far worse by the way) maybe people would hold those male characteristics, actions, and beliefs in very low regard?