Male Privilege

Everything in every society, every field of work that has advanced mankind out of mud huts was created and perfected by men. Men are the disposable workhorses of every nation and have been since the beginning of the human race. This fact is not lost on feminists. They just don’t care. Men statistically work more days and longer hours than women. It is a fact that feminists wish to ignore. The proof in the dedication of men to work hard is seen everyday. The most dangerous fields of work on this planet are dominated by men. Not because women are forced out of those fields but because women do not want to work in those fields. Hard work is something men in general have known longer than women. But again, feminists don’t care.


If it Wasn’t for Feminism

It is when a woman, feminist or not, begins to question the core beliefs of feminism that that woman suddenly looses her status as a woman and becomes a brainwashed little girl. A little girl brainwashed by the Patriarchy. Yes. I do believe that feminists to some extent view womanhood as a status reserved for those that conform with the core beliefs of feminism. Similarities? The Black Panthers for one. If you weren’t with them, then you were a traitor to your race. In fact you weren’t even black at all. If you didn’t persecute Jews then you definitely weren’t a true German according to the Nazis. If you were ok with blacks drinking the same water as you then you were a traitor to your white heritage. If you believe the male gender has not and never will oppress the female gender then you are no woman, but a little girl that needs to grow up and learn how you are being oppressed.

Equality, Feministing Style

The girls and boys over at feministing do not care about simple things such as truth or integrity. No, they seem to only care about garnering sympathy and support for their own ends. What ends might those be? The complete exoneration of women from any and all responsibility or blame for any crime and or damage to society. In their minds men are the only perpetrators of domestic violence, rape, etc, and women are the only victims. Now just like we have learned in the Deconstructing Feminism section of this blog to set aside logic and reason when attempting to understand feminists, the same rules apply here.

A Womensphere of Double Standards

Equality: The state or quality of being equal.

Feminists claim they are for equality yet their actions and writings prove differently. One such article in particular caught my attention while searching for some information on International Men’s day. A day and event I had no idea existed until recently. The day is in itself a balance to International Women’s day, the frenzied celebration of women, which I have no personal grudges with. Feminists on the other hand, seem to have a problem with celebrating men. They believe that instead of men embracing their gender and claiming a day for themselves to reflect upon the many male issues of the world, we should instead just say fuck it and join them in demonizing us some more.