F-13 Explained

History: I started this blog a few years ago with the intention of exposing the hypocrisy and man hatred woven into feminist theories. Feminism as a movement has destroyed many lives. Not just the lives of men. While demonizing men may be the main focus of feminism many women and children have also been negatively affected by this hate driven movement. While individual men and women can survive on their own, humanity as a whole will not survive unless both genders work together. Feminism is one of the main obstacles in the way of working towards unity and legal equality between men and women.

The H-Factor: The human condition has to be factored in to everything humanity is responsible for, including feminism. While there are some examples of single individuals, such as Hitler or Elizabeth Bathory, who display no inherent cause or reasoning for their actions beyond hate and or evil, movements carry a different form of consciousness. The leaders of a movement form the main consciousness of that movement and the majority actions carried out in the name of the movement by its followers reveal its purpose. Usually, people within a movement either agree with the movement’s consciousness, its perceived purpose, or both. Those that do not agree with one will defend the movement with the other. This is what divides movements into subgroups, which are in a way, children of the parent group.

Why Feminism is Opposed: Feminism, as a movement, since its conception has sought to vilify the male sex through media, literature, and public school systems. The core theories and beliefs of feminism, patriarchy; rape culture; male privilege; toxic masculinity; gender socialization; are a blatant declaration of opposition towards the male sex. Feminism uses these theories to justify the blame it places on men for all the problems of women. The meaning behind these theories have changed many times when challenged though their message remains the same. The human factor has affected feminism, however only to the extent that two subdivisions will be divided on the actions needed to achieve the main consciousness of the movement. The core beliefs remain the same throughout all divisions of feminism, be they radicals or moderates, they all uphold the anti-male theories of patriarchy, rape culture, male privilege, toxic masculinity, and gender socialization.

Alliance with the Men’s Rights Movement: The MRM is the other side of the coin that is the gender war. The cleaner side. There is only one thing feminism and the MRM have in common. Each movement focuses on one specific gender. That is where the similarities end. While feminism would claim to be about helping with both male and female issues, anyone can plainly see this is a lie. Feminism is not concerned with male issues. Feminism is indeed the root cause of several male issues. Feminism actively seeks to impede those who would garner support for male issues. On the other hand, the MRM makes no false claims about focusing on both male and female issues. The MRM seeks to undue the damage done to men caused by feminism. The solutions the MRM offers for the problems men face would in no way infringe on the rights women have. On the dirty side of the coin, several of the programs, laws, and policies advocated for and enacted by feminism have destroyed the lives of countless men. The alliance is a simple one. F-13 chooses to support those who seek justice, not privilege.

The purpose of F-13: I am an anti-feminist. The purpose of this website is to expose the bigotry of the feminist movement. The focus point within the majority of the material posted to this site will be towards that effect. Eradicating the political influence of a movement that has systematically discriminated against and destroyed the lives of half the human population is in my opinion a worthy cause for anyone.


3 thoughts on “F-13 Explained

  1. I just started to listen one of your video: “primary aggressor”. As soon as I heard you say the word “chivalry” I stopped the video. I will later listen to the whole thing. But that single word is exactly what I am talking about to some friends…I only guess where you will go with this “chivalry”…and I’m pretty sure I’ll be riding by your side so to speak, Sir!

    Many thanks!

    • You are welcome. Appreciate the support. Tell your friends (men and women) to take a look a this site and my channel too. The more people who are exposed to the lies of feminism, the better.

  2. Hi there, I came here via AVFM, but as your pages are in black, they are impossible for me to read with ease. I’d love to get in touch and discuss this subject from an African’s perspective. Please drop me an email. Rob

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