R/Feminisms: Equality Not Welcome

Gender controversy has sprung up around the world of reddit once again. This time, something many anti-feminists have known for several decades has been laid bare for all to see with a single statement from a feminist. A reddit user under the name of zahs_blues, whom I believe identifies as a male feminist, had his comments deleted by one of the r/feminisms moderators, yellowmix. Apparently, zahs_blues said some things yellowmix didn’t agree with concerning the Hugo Schywzer paternity fraud incident and yellowmix told him to stop. When zahs asked why, yellowmix directed zahs towards a misandric feminist article to support her view that no one should speak about male issues within feminist spaces. Zahs understandably found the article to be offensive to men. I too find this blog piece to be offensive. It is yet another blatant brand of feminist sexism where they list everything that is wrong with men and expect men to follow their rules on how they should act. If the rules are not followed then those men are sexist woman haters.

Feminists are notorious for taking words and creating new definitions for them and even creating new words for the sole purpose of vilifying men. The blog I linked to is no different. The term “dude bro” is already misandric enough without the fabricated definition the blog gives to it. Nonetheless these feminists have created a new classification for men that do not conform to their ideological worldviews. Masculinity appears to be hated at this blog and double standards that favor women are the norm throughout the list. Anyway, zahs_blues had plenty of cause for being offended by the blog post, however, yellowmix felt his concerns were unimportant. Why?

Because zahs is a man.

Shocked? Well you would be if you are not an anti-feminist but to us this sort of thing is common. We see it and hear it all the time and it has become so common that we do not even bat an eye when someone speaks out about how their point of view was silenced in a feminist space because that point of view clashed with the feminist ideology.

Most people do not realize that male issues and male points of view are pushed out of feminist spaces such as women’s studies and government organizations run by feminists. This is because your average guy, even if he is a “new age sensitive male” will most likely never set foot in one of these establishments. But those who do quickly learn that being male is cause enough to have your voice silenced within these places.

A lot of female feminists feel that places such as feminist blogs or women’s studies classrooms represent “safe spaces” for women to express themselves. Safe space is just another way of saying “no men allowed” when referring to feminist spaces. Granted, men can and do frequent these spaces but if anything is said by these men that does not fit the feminist worldview, these men are pushed out quickly. Many feminists will argue that they are only trying to keep harmful or abusive language out of their safe female friendly environments but this is not always the case. Many times, as we see with zahs and yellowmix, the only thing men need do to be branded as “harmful” is point out something they find offensive.

If men within feminist spaces point out how they find it offensive that men are paraded around the media when accused of rape while their accuser’s identity is kept secret, they are being “abusive” or disruptive.

If men within feminist spaces point out that there is nothing wrong with masculinity, they are being “toxic” and harmful.

If men within feminist spaces suggest that their so called “male privileges” are anything but unfair advantages over women then they are sexist misogynists denying their privilege.

If men within feminists spaces point out that women have many unfair social and legal advantages over men then they are sexist misogynists who are upset that they can no longer “dominate” women.

While removing men from feminist spaces for the crime of having a difference of opinion is common, it is rare to see a feminist forgo the usual smokescreens and just flat out say “I am silencing you because you are a man” these days. Don’t get me wrong, it does still happen. The recent spat between David Futrelle and many feminists from the website Feministe, including one of the moderators, is one good example among many that this still happens. Granted the moderator in this situation didn’t say David should censor what he says because he is a man, at least not that I have seen, however, one of the commentators did flat out say what I’m sure a lot of the others were thinking.

Becky 4.2.2011 at 7:53 pm
David, I appreciate the good work you do in calling out other men on their misogyny. But I’m not sure it’s really your place as a man to tell a group of mostly female commenters on a feminist website what is and isn’t good for feminism. Maybe consider taking a step back?

Keep in mind that this is David “up-votes determine the mindset of everyone at your website” Futrelle, the hypocritical champion of feminist misandry that was attacked by his allies for typing the word idiot in one of his posts. What Becky said didn’t really have anything to do with gender issues but nonetheless, David, a man, was arguing against a feminist ideal and was promptly told that his maleness meant he had no place disagreeing with women.

This little incident was nothing note worthy though, considering the fact that it wasn’t a moderator who said David should keep his views to himself because he is male, it was just one of the commentators. I won’t lower myself to Futrelle’s level and claim that everyone who visits Feministe and all of its contributors and moderators are misandrists based on the comment of one feminist.

Yellowmix, however, had no problem with letting everyone know her anti-male policy.

So as anyone can see, yellowmix doesn’t want men saying anything that sheds light on an issue of unfairness that involves men. What’s even more surprising is that another r/feminisms moderator publicly agreed with this sexist statement. While it may not be rare to find a feminist with authority using that authority to silence male views it is rare to see that same feminist publicly state that the reason she silenced those male views is because the views were expressed by a man. What blows my mind here is that two feminists with authority have come out and admitted their sexist policy and misandry.

Granted, this is not proof that every single reader at r/feminisms are sexist misandrists like yellowminx and donna, however it is proof that the moderation of the reddit is sexist. It would be one thing if yellowmix was alone in her bigotry but it appears she is supported by at least one other moderator. That’s two out of eight, which isn’t the majority but is it really hard to believe that the other moderators know all about the sexist views of their colleagues and either ignore it or support it themselves?

As I said before, mostly all anti-feminists know that male issues receive little attention within the feminist movement. When an issue does receive attention its importance is made to appear insignificant when compared to female issues and the cause of the issue is almost always attributed to something feminists can blame on men, such as patriarchy, especially when the real cause of the issue is feminism itself. More importantly there are far too many people that have not been exposed to blatant sexism on this scale from feminists. That’s because feminists hide it by creating new definitions for words like patriarchy and creating new theories like “rape culture” and using those fabricated theories to vilify men while retaining the ability to say “we don’t mean all men”.

This is why I smile when feminists who are unafraid to show their true feelings step forward and do bigoted things like this. In cases like these, no one has to pull back the curtain in order to see the truth Oz was trying to hide. In cases like these, feminists pull the curtain back themselves and more people who don’t know much about feminism can see what it really is.

For the record I am fully aware of websites run by MGTOW that do not allow female issues or views. The difference here is they flat out tell you what they are about and put it in their site policies. While I do not agree with censoring male or female views at least the MGTOW sites are honest about their policies.

Many feminist websites, including the r/feminims reddit will tell you that they are about equality for all and accept all views and opinions in order to avoid appearing sexist and then their moderators will tell you your views are not welcome because they don’t fall in line with their views.

It is the same parallel between MRAs and feminists. MRAs are up front about their goals. They seek to abolish the misandric laws created by feminists that deny millions of men their basic civil rights.

Feminists will tell you feminism is about equality for everyone and that feminists speak out against anti-male laws and discrimination, however, when you bring up male issues and ask why there are no feminist organizations helping to find a positive solution they will tell you that men should go solve their own problems.

Men are solving their own problems with help from women. One of those problems is how feminism hides its misandry in order to avoid any scorn from the general public. Not every individual feminist is a bigot but feminism is indeed a hate movement and the more feminists let the misandry of their core beliefs slip, the more people will realize this.


7 thoughts on “R/Feminisms: Equality Not Welcome

  1. If a female tries to say that they are offended by something on r/mens rights, her comment or post will be brutally flamed, trolled, attacked, then deleted. Get off your high horse because the male side of this is just as bad.

    • First off, you are a liar. You are a blatant liar.

      Here are a few things you can do to prove you are not a blatant liar; 1. You can show proof that two moderators from r/mensrights have deleted comments from women who have disagreed with a post and have displayed their disagreements as respectfully and politely as zahs_blues did. There are only two moderators for r/mensrights so that one should not be difficult for you to pull off.

      2. You can show proof that any of the two r/mensrights moderators have deleted comments from a woman and flat out told her that it is because she is a woman and that her perspective as a woman was not welcome.

      With that proof, you will have proven that the “male side” of things is just as bad. But of course that brings up the question as to why you have chosen to classify this as the “male side” of things?

      This is the anti-feminist side of things and r/feminisms in no way represents the “female side” of things. Feminism does not represent women, period. Feminism has proven that its goals are what is valued above all else and any women who oppose those goals are its enemies right along with the men. This is why MRAs and other anti-feminists are both men and women. So save your “male side” of things for a discussion with feminists who endorse the men vs women mantra.

      I await your proof. But I feel I will be waiting forever because there is no such proof because as I said you are a liar.

      Feminism is a hate movement and the bigots that inhabit the movement will help end their bigotry by displaying that bigotry for the world to see.

      I will continue having no problems with helping the world see that bigotry. If that upsets you then you can cry me a river, build me a bridge, and then get the fuck over it.

      Good day, liar.

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  3. I understand your position and the issue you address. I myself would identify as a “gender separatist” and I maintain this position till such a time as laws change to affect an equal outcome for men and their safety in the community. That said what I see is a female only space that is being identified as a feminism only space. It is much more a recruitment site for female fence sitters. I think it’s good to get people off the fence. I believe unfortunately that men are better off in male only spaces. Right across the board. My belief also is that we need to get men off the fence and focused on their own social well being as males. There are woman that will not accept a woman only space as there are men that will feel the same about male only spaces.

    You will find in the months to come government funding provided to N.O.W. will begin to be cut back along with drift funding in that general direction. More men need to focus on men’s issues to create a unified voice, get the message out. What you are doing is great in that it identifies the hypocrisy within these groups, it is paramount that we continue to stop the tide of feminists speaking on behalf of men so that men have their own voice. You sir are doing a great job exposing the equality double speak and lies perpetuated by these policy sows.

    Best Regards fight on Brother!

    • Thanks! Nothing will stop the fight that will end feminist bigotry, especially not a difference in views. The end goal is the destruction of legalized misandry and everyday more join the cause.

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