Male Privilege

“Male privilege” will roll off the tongue of a feminist to describe almost any situation in which a man holds a position higher than that of a woman. It is, according to feminists, the reason why women are paid less than men. It is the reason why more men are promoted than women. It is the reason why men presumably “rule” the world and women just live in it.

I take issue with this term and the bigotry it justifies.

Male privilege has been tackled by feminists, anti-feminists, and everyone in between. Now it’s my turn.

I’m confident anyone reading this article will be aware of the “male privilege” checklist and its many reincarnations floating around the internet. I took a look at one of the more popular lists in circulation and stopped myself before reaching the fourth so called privilege. I continued on later but my mind had been made up about a few things. The first being that as with most feminist inspired literature, any claims as to the purpose of its creation other than the vilification of men was irrefutably untrue. The second, and this is the most important part, the literature itself was untrue.

Privilege: A special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to one person or group of people.

I won’t waste my time ripping apart the feminist inferiority complex checklist. That has been done several times over by now. Nor will I list the already listed female privilege checklist. Instead I am going to take this bigotry justification back to the very meaning of the word privilege and while doing this I will use a few examples feminists routinely cite as evidence of “male privilege”, all of them probably taken from the list.

Feminists will claim that the odds are stacked in a man’s favor when applying for a job. Do they specify what job when making this accusation?


Instead, just like it is written on their inferiority complex checklist, they simply claim that the more prestigious the job, the more favored a man will be over a woman when applying. This is referred to as a “male privilege”. Well let’s ask ourselves why a man would be preferred for any field of work such as a police officer. Or maybe a firefighter?

Ok I admit that was too easy.

How about an engineer? Or maybe a security guard?

What? Am I still being unfair?

Well if you are a feminist you’re probably thinking I’m being too unfair. You’re probably thinking oh but that’s not what we mean when we say people prefer men for jobs and you know it!

Oh but I do know those jobs aren’t the ones feminists are referring to. No, no they mean the company jobs. What company jobs you ask? Why any company jobs that involve six figure paychecks and business suits. Well there is something feminists love to leave out when shouting about “male privilege” in the workplace. That is, the only workplace where most women that actually want to work go when seeking employment, office jobs. What they leave out is that men have earned the right to be preferred for just about any field of work.

Everything in every society, every field of work that has advanced mankind out of mud huts was created and perfected by men. Men are the disposable workhorses of every nation and have been since the beginning of the human race. This fact is not lost on feminists. They just don’t care. Men statistically work more days and longer hours than women. It is a fact that feminists wish to ignore. The proof in the dedication of men to work hard is seen everyday. The most dangerous fields of work on this planet are dominated by men. Not because women are forced out of those fields but because women do not want to work in those fields. Hard work is something men in general have known longer than women. But again, feminists don’t care.

If a construction chief, tasked with building a new house, skyscraper, or any type of building had to choose between a man and a woman when selecting the best person for the job, he would choose the man. This isn’t because of some sexist plot against women all men secretly carry out. It is simply because of the fact that the man would be the better choice. Feminists can deny the difference between men and women or claim that they do not account for the abilities of men and women all day.

It’s what they do, ignore facts.

However, that denial won’t change the fact that while jobs that are carried out within company buildings instead of construction yards don’t require strenuous physical labor, the aggressive, competitive, and assertive traits needed to excel in these fields are still predominantly male traits. This fact is made evident by the more days and hours men put into their jobs than women. It is made evident by the fact that more men simply ask for raises instead of waiting to be given one. It is proven by the fact that men produce more income for companies than women. Competing is something men have been doing before modern civilizations arose. While this information may be too politically incorrect for feminists to stomach the reality is that employers, male and female, recognize these facts.

Feminists don’t.

Another “male privilege” feminists will claim men have is that in the workplace, men will be subjected to far less sexual harassment than women. This is another lie. Men are sexually harassed at work everyday by women. The difference is men do not let minor incidents affect them as easily as women do. Men get touched, felt up, kissed, hugged, and have an assortment of other things done to them by women without permission several times daily many times from women they do not know. However, the difference is men usually welcome physical contact from women. On the other hand the same friendly gestures applied to women may be fatal to a man’s career unless he is well known to the women in question. Sometimes even knowing them will not matter. The same woman who giggled from a friendly hug one day could sue an entire company the next depending on her mood.

But I digress.

The claim is that men are far less likely to be sexually harassed, well that claim is more than dishonest.

It’s fucking retarded.

For readers unfamiliar with gender issues I encourage you to ask any man you know if he is ever touched, kissed, or hugged without his permission. Ask him if he is caught off guard by these actions. Ask him if he gets his butt patted or his abs rubbed. If you are a guy you won’t be surprised by the quick unhesitating “yeah man” you receive. If you are a woman you probably won’t believe him. If you are a feminist you won’t care.

The final thing I took note of from the checklist is that the author, a man, put a disclaimer on the list. He says in the disclaimer that he is not trying to claim that men are just given everything in life without working for it. This disclaimer was obviously put there in response to the several critics he knew would tear apart his bigotry justifying list.

However, right after the disclaimer, the first “privilege” put down on the list is put there to insinuate that men do indeed receive advantages in life without working for them. Men have earned the right to be seen as the better choice for nearly any job because men are the creators of those jobs and have labored for thousands of years. The list is yet another tool feminists can use to justify the blame they place on men for the problems of women.

Domestic violence, something that is nearly equal amongst heterosexual couples is propagated as evidence of “male privilege” by feminists.

The gender wage gap, which has been proven to have nothing to do with discrimination against women, is another example. Feminists still lie about all women making less than all men because of discrimination and cite “male privilege” as the cause.

To look upon the feminist inferiority complex list with unbiased eyes is to look upon the equivalence of a young girl listing the reasons she is upset that her older brother is allowed to drive and go out at night and she is not. The fact that her brother is older and more responsible is irrelevant in her mind. The only thing she sees is unfair “privilege”.

Case in point, the one and only thing I will list from the inferiority complex checklist.

On average, I am not interrupted by women as often as women are interrupted by men.

What does this tell you? It tells you that the bigoted feminist man who wrote this list, seeking approval from the bigoted feminist women who reproduce this list, wishes only to justify the resentment these women hold towards men. Even if it were provable that men interrupt women more than women interrupt men (it isn’t and the opposite is more likely the case) what exactly is the point of listing this at all?

I’ll pretend you’re wondering.

The only reason someone would list something like this is so women who read it can nod to themselves thinking that’s right those privileged men are always…(insert nonsense here). What other reason could there be? To be informative? Informative of what? That men are privileged assholes who are always interrupting women? What would be the solution to this? Passing a law that prohibits men from speaking over women? In a feminist utopia that would probably be the case. Men would walk around with gag balls strapped to their mouths and only remove them when their superiors, women, allowed them to.

Men are preferred in several work fields because the male half of the species has brought the human race out of caves and into suburban households. The reason why men hold most political positions is because men created those positions and are elected by voters. Women hold the majority vote in the United States and women vote for men. Feminists would have us vote for women for the sole purpose of “leveling the playing field”. Just ask Hilary Clinton. Feminist influence has perverted the cause of equality across all western nations. A perfect example of this would be that even now in the wake of the IMF scandal, the company has put out a message stating that it is working towards  a “goal” (quota) to ensure that 50% of the managerial staff are women. This bigotry is what things like the “male privilege” checklist incites and justifies. To feminists it won’t matter if a better qualified man is passed up in order to fill an affirmative action quota for women. As long as an equality of outcome is enforced then all is right with the world in their minds.

A small percentage of both men and women receive favors, jobs, gifts, and thousands of other things because of their sex. However, those are given instances of unfairness where a certain individual decides to give something to someone just because they want to or because that person has done something or given them something. Or maybe it’s because that certain man or woman who decides to give another man or woman something because of their sex is a sexist asshole.

But the feminist claim that all men receive special undeserved privileges solely because they are men is dishonest bullshit and that is all the “male privilege” checklist is, a compiled list of feminist gripes and jealousies that justify the bigoted discrimination against men they advocate for.

While what men have earned is considered a privilege by its very definition, because men do have advantages in life that women do not, the fact that those advantages were earned is what’s important. Disclaimer or no disclaimer, the “male privilege” checklist is in no way anything but an attempt to have women view male advantages as unfair and discriminatory. This is the main goal of feminism; to vilify men until the discrimination against men is not only ignored but ultimately perceived as deserved.


One thought on “Male Privilege

  1. Naturally male body is designed for efficiently interact with the environment. And the female body is designed for growing an embryo inside the womb and for breast feeding. So there is nothing wrong with men are working hard, maintaining and protecting their families while women bear children and staying at home. Male privilege is finally for protect women.

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