A feminist hates men if…

This is a handy guide for men who involve themselves with feminist women. I’ve recently viewed a bunch of comments from feminist women who say that they aren’t man haters because they (1) have never said “I hate men” and/or (2) they have male friends. If you are around a feminist woman who claims to like men, see how she stacks up.

A feminist woman hates men if…

She believes that men who have sexually engaged with women that were drunk, high, or financially coerced are rapists.

She objects to the current legal definition of rape and/or supports the proposed practice of putting the burden of proof, only in rape trials, only when women are the accuser, on the defendant.

She denies the fact that women lie about rape for money.

She accuses men who suggest that women should not put themselves in a position to be raped, the same way these men suggest that men should not put themselves in a position to be robbed, of  “victim blaming”.

She believes that female prostitutes are incapable of making and being happy with the decision to sell sex for money and that any man, and only a man who procures a female prostitute, and only a female prostitute, is a rapist and or rape supporter.

She believes that anyone, even prostitutes, whom point out that prostitution is a choice, is a rape supporter.

She views men who realize that many men pay for sex by always paying for everything on every date with women as rape  supporters.

She views men who go to strip clubs as rape supporters.

She views men who are against not having any choice for the future of their unborn child as rape supporters.

She views men who support using abortion as birth control as rape supporters.

She views men who support a woman’s right to perform in a pornographic film as rape supporters.

She believes men who watch porn are rape supporters…only if the porn features women.

She believes men who are into dominatrix porn are rape supporters.

She denies the fact that women wear make-up to attract men and views any man who disagrees with her as a rape supporter.

She views all male comedians and men who find their jokes funny as rape supporters.

She believes men who watch and or enjoy any movie where a woman is anything but fully clothed is a rape supporter.

She believes any man who doesn’t view cat-calling and women showing off their bodies in the media as objectification, is a rape supporter.

She believes men who like women that do not require men to date them for five months and pay for everything while doing so in order to have sex as rape supporters.

She views men who do not like women that won’t have sex unless they are dated for five months and have everything they want bought and paid for as rape supporters.

She views men who believe that feminist women have no business trying to define manhood as rape supporters.

She views men who ignore female opinions as rape supporters.

She views men who are more concerned with a man’s well-being over a woman’s well-being as rape supporters.

She believes women are incapable of giving consent for anything other than what she believes women should give consent for and therefore any men who abide by the consent the incapable woman gives is a rape supporter.

She defends the sexualization or sexual abuse of males on the grounds of “consent” or “willingness.”

She views men who believe that women are happier when they have families as rape supporters.

She views male sexuality as sexual deviancy.

She believes that men who find one type of woman attractive and another unattractive is a rape supporter.

She thinks any man that enjoys watching lesbian porn is a rape supporter.

She creates a list compiled of actions, most of which anyone would know all men engage in, ignores the fact that most of the items listed have absolutely nothing to do with rape, and then uses that list to justify her hateful belief that all men are rape supporters.

She acknowledges the fact that women perform these actions as well yet ignores the fact that not only “some” women perform these actions but all women do, including herself.

She makes it obvious her belief is that only men who perform these actions, are rape supporters.

Said list she created is loaded with double standard complaints feminists have towards men that again, have absolutely nothing to do with rape.

So what can we learn from this list? Well for those who know little of or are on the fence about feminism, they will learn that man hatred is alive and well within the movement.

Everyone else?

Not much. For anti-feminists like myself, viewing bigotry like this from feminists is common. For feminists, defending and or ignoring bigotry like this is common. “The radicals did it” is what they say.

Ok. Fine.

This hatemonger obviously has radical views. But wait…if we take a look at her list of reasons why all men support rape we can see that she believes any man who defends the idea of keeping the burden of proof on the prosecution in a trial is a rape supporter. Isn’t the idea of placing the burden of proof on the defendant something Jessica Valenti advocates for? You know, the founder and leader of the famous “moderate” feminist website, feministing? She’s not a radical right?


But wait, there’s more.

Also listed is the belief that any man who has sex with a woman while said woman is either drunk and or high is a rape supporter. Now I’m scratching my head at this one but..isn’t that the belief of every feminist on the planet? Ok maybe not every feminist but quite a few. Including, Valenti and several other mainstream feminists of today. In fact supporting rape is not the only thing men who have sex with intoxicated women are accused of by today’s feminists. Being actual rapists is what feminist claim men who engage in sex with impaired women are.

What if the man is intoxicated too you ask? Doesn’t matter. He is still raping the woman. But surely if the man is the only one intoxicated then the woman must be, according to feminist reasoning, a rapist…right? That would be the logical conclusion but logic has no place here in the realm of feminist theory. You see a woman cannot be a rapist if she has sex with an intoxicated man because one cannot be a rapist unless one has a penis.

Get it?

I know your head must be hurting right now trying to grapple with that assertion but just throw back a few beers and everything will settle down. Oh and if you are a man and happen to have a woman drinking with you please make sure you don’t have consensual sex with her. Because it won’t be consensual, even if she says so, even if she initiates, because she has consumed alcohol and you have a penis. If she tries to straddle you quickly remove her, as gently as possible, because you don’t want a domestic violence charge on top of the rape charge, and run away. Don’t drive either because you might get a DUI. I know it’s a hard situation but thus is the life of a man when following feminist guidelines on right and wrong.

Let’s branch off from the mainstream of feminism and focus on this piece of filth I stumbled across a few days ago. The list, posted by Eve’s Daughter on a website entitled Eve Bit First…and Adam got the pit (haha isn’t that witty?) is not only a blatant lie in the form of listing the attributes of a rape supporter. It is also a lie in reference to the reason it was created. I think Eve’s Daughter, whom I will be referring to as Mrs ED (no relation to Mr Ed, the talking horse), claims that she isn’t the creator of the list in the comments section of her post. At least I think she does. However, that’s not important because she also states that she agrees with the list. Many have asserted that she is a man hating bigot. I tend to agree. However, Mrs ED denies this so…

Let’s examine why she would post such a list. Mrs ED states at the beginning of her post that the list is a handy guide for women to use when wondering if the men in their lives support rape. For a feminist, the necessity of such a list can be justified based on the feminist theory, rape culture, which is something Mrs ED vehemently believes in.

Think she is a man hater yet (well duh)? Let’s keep going, without the bullshit feminist theory.

If you read Mrs ED’s post you would know that all of the actions and beliefs listed are things that both men and women do and believe. So then how is the list a guide for helping women? Does Mrs ED believe that only men do these things? No. It is stated quite clearly at the bottom of the list that “some” women do these things too. Note that she believes all men do these things and only some women. But again the question arises, how can this be a guide for women if women do these things too?

Simply stating the list to be a guide for women to be aware of men and women who are rape supporters would have ended all speculation of whether or not Mrs ED is a man hater. Don’t get me wrong, she would still be irrefutably wrong in her claims that these actions are those of a rape supporter, but at least no one could claim she was only targeting men with this filth.

Next let’s look at some of the things the list claims are attributes of a rape supporter such as…

Buying a prostitute: How exactly does this support rape? I have no illusions that there are no prostitutes who are raped but that isn’t the issue here. The issue is the assertion that simply having sex with a woman for money means you support rape. Where the fuck did the creator of this list leap to in order to realize this assertion? It would make one wonder if a man, who has pissed off his girlfriend or wife, buys her dinner or some expensive jewelry, and is later rewarded with sex, somehow supports rape. It is essentially the same thing; spending money on a woman in order to get into her pants. Prostitutes simply take the emotional element out of the equation. Of course we cannot forget about gold diggers. You know, women who live with rich men and only have sex with them because of the fact that he is rich and buys her anything she wants. The only difference between a gold digger and a prostitute is the fact that gold diggers go out with men instead of just fucking them for one night. However, I don’t see gold diggers on the list. Perhaps it’s because the author of the list didn’t wish to touch upon the similarities between gold diggers and prostitutes because the fact that they are virtually the same thing would reveal the sheer nonsense of listing men who have sex with prostitutes as rape supporters?

Meh…who knows?

Watching movies where women are “sexually objectified”: I have two words for the author of the list and Mrs ED; Jennifer’s Body. This movie was created by a feminist. A feminist woman. Tell me something, Mrs ED, is Karyn Kusama, a member of your own team, a rape supporter? Also tell me something else, Mrs ED, I don’t believe in objectification myself and explain why in another post, but explain to me how men watching a movie, even if they know it will have scantly clad women prancing around in it, are supporting rape. Please explain to me how simply enjoying the view of a healthy attractive woman with little clothes on is the same as supporting rape.

Are sex drives imaginary? Is sexuality itself imaginary? Are men not turned on by the sight of a beautiful woman? Or is it in your opinion wrong for men to be aroused by the sight of women? Regardless of your answer to any of these questions you will notice one thing, none of them have anything to do with supporting rape.

The same goes for men who enjoy watching porn. Let me give you a little bit of fourth grade sex educational advice. Men and women are attracted to each other. The sight of an attractive woman whether she be fully clothed, partially dressed, or butt nekkid will sexual arouse a man. When one understands these facts it is easy to understand the fact that men will enjoy watching television, movies, or pornography in order to see attractive women. Furthermore, viewing attractive women performing sexual acts is also arousing, therefore men will enjoy watching women who choose…let me type that again…choose to do these things.

I could tear apart every single thing written for that list you posted, Mrs ED, except for one line: “He defends the sexualization or sexual abuse of minor females on the grounds of “consent” or “willingness.”

Obviously the he should be replaced with a they as to represent both men and women but we both know that wasn’t your goal when posting this list. Pointing out the fact that women, mothers no less, use their young daughters to make money by posing with them in pornographic pictures would be pointless with someone like you.

But anyway, where were we? Oh yes, proving you to be a man hater. Well we’ve covered the fact that this guide can in no way be a guide for women, because all of the women reading it are guilty of the things listed. We’ve also covered the fact that this “guide” isn’t a guide at all when it comes to identifying rape supporters because 90% of the list has nothing to do with rape. So where does that leave us?

It leaves us exactly where the conception of the list started, feminism.

Let’s look at the points on the list again.

Watching and or supporting porn.

Supporting women who like taking care of children.

Enjoying movies with scantly clad women.

Believing men should be afforded all of their constitutional rights when accused of rape.

Suggesting women take steps to protect themselves from criminals, the same way we do with men.

Buying a prostitute.

Believing prostitutes are capable of deciding things for themselves.

Going to a strip club.

Supporting the idea of having a say in the fate of a life you helped create.

Hmm…you know, Mrs ED if we look at this list, most of it is comprised of things feminists don’t like about men. Even though women do all of these things too feminists aren’t really concerned about that. They just don’t like men. Seems to me that the author of this list only listed these qualities about men that she doesn’t like as attributes that define a rape supporter in order to garner disdain for things she feels mostly men do.

Now why, oh why, would she do something like that?

Perhaps because to the general populations within western civilizations, especially the male half of those populations, rape is considered a crime worse than murder and men are indeed killed when simply accused of being a rapist? Perhaps the author of the list felt that if characteristics, actions, and beliefs that are mostly perceived to be male were associated with the support of a crime that is in many cases viewed as worse than murder (murder is far worse by the way) maybe people would hold those male characteristics, actions, and beliefs in very low regard?

You know, like you do, Mrs ED.

This list is a blatantly obvious show of your hate towards male sexuality and men in general.

And you bigots wonder why more and more people are beginning to view feminism as a hate movement?

Here’s some advice for anyone who’s not a feminist that reads this.

Take your advice from Mr Ed. Not Mrs ED and her man hating feminist supporters.

Because advice from a fictional talking horse is still better than advice from someone who views half of the human population as either rapists, potential rapists, accessories to rape, rape supporters, or all the above.

Want proof?

In Mrs ED’s own words:

Of course women can commit rape; I never stated or implied otherwise.

Nor did I state or imply that all men commit rape. I said in a separate post that nearly 100% of men either are rapists, would be, would assist a rapist, or are rape supporters, and most commenters who have critiqued this post have agreed that, yes, nearly all (or “all”) men support rape according to this list.”

Now of course all of her critics (myself included) agree that most of the things listed are what most men and women do. That isn’t the point. The point is that almost none of the things listed have anything to do with supporting rape or rape in general and the one that does is something very few men and women do. So in short, Mrs ED, you’re a man hating bigot.


10 thoughts on “A feminist hates men if…

  1. The original “rape-supporter” questionnaire was indeed designed to smear men for anything other than toadying, lickspittle submission to” Womyn’s Will”. It is a logical extension of Marilyn French’s declaration, years ago, that “All men are rapists and that’s all they are.” It is an attempt to “prove” it by feminist, androphobic, man-hating rhetoric and dialectic.

    Turning it on its head gives more of us a clearer view of the sheer vitriol, the contempt and hatred and intolerance, that feminism really is.

    And the feminists own the courts.

    So, ladies, if you find that less and less strong, productive men are interested in you, it’s because men know that we cannot trust you. I hope you will reflect on this well, as you sit in your Eleanor Rigby bed-sitters and pet your cats.

  2. Proving once again these fiends need their own planet, because their hatred for men is so strong they cannot live in peace on the same planet men do.

  3. I’m a feminist also and I love men too. Your list suggests otherwise though. It is simply not that black and white. I am a feminist blogger currently writing about the wonderful things men have done to help women, which bears a positive message for gender equality. I’m afraid I find that your blog however merely does more to cause further vitriolic misconception as to what feminism is, and further widens the gap between men and women, which is just as damaging as these ‘militant feminists’ you speak of. Anyone who claims to hate men cannot be a an educated feminist, and you’d do better to point out that people simply misuse the term ‘feminism’ rather than supposedly alerting people to the crimes of all feminists.

    • ” I am a feminist blogger currently writing about the wonderful things men have done to help women, which bears a positive message for gender equality.”

      No. It doesn’t. it bears a message that feminists are interested with advancing women’s interests. How about you write about all of the feminists around the world who help men with male issues.

      Think before you start writing though, because first you will have to find some feminists that actually believe men have issues. Next you will need to locate some feminists who believe that feminism isn’t the one and only answer for those issues. Finally, and this will probably be the most difficult; find some feminists who will admit that feminism is the cause for some of the issues men have.

      Find me some feminists that don’t subscribe to the hateful “us vs them” theories of patriarchy, rape culture, toxic masculinity, and male privilege.

      You find me a feminist like that and write some articles about how she/he opposes people who propagate that false rape allegations are “rare” and not as serious and life damaging as rape. Find me one that is disgusted at the fact that rape awareness and domestic violence campaigns/PSAs only feature male perpetrators and female victims on every TV commercial, billboard, pamphlet, and radio station on the planet (most of which are created by feminist organizations).

      Find me a feminist who calls out the misandry of our feminist president and vice president.

      Find me a feminist who calls out the misandry of Hilary Clinton.

      Find me a feminist who is against the “men can stop rape” campaigns.

      When you find and write about that feminist I’ll give that feminist my support.

      ” I’m afraid I find that your blog however merely does more to cause further vitriolic misconception as to what feminism is”

      The ideology of feminism is one of hate. There is no getting around that fact. Patriarchy, rape culture, male privilege, toxic masculinity. All of these theories along with the wage gap lie are hateful towards men and create “Us Vs. Them” mentalities between men and women. And all of these theories were created by feminism.

      The fact that I point this out in my blog does nothing but enlighten the men and women who read it to the bigotry of the feminist movement.

      “Anyone who claims to hate men cannot be a an educated feminist, and you’d do better to point out that people simply misuse the term ‘feminism’ rather than supposedly alerting people to the crimes of all feminists.”

      Maybe you should read my article again, this time in its entirety because I respond to this knee-jerk “the radicals did it” reaction in the article. I point out several so called “moderate” “sex positive” feminists who uphold the same misandric beliefs as the so called radicals.

      The only difference between the radicals and the “moderates” is the radicals will flat out tell you they hate men and blame men for all of their problems instead of hiding that hatred behind ludicrous theories.

      Rape culture: “All men aren’t rapists, but we live in a society that encourages and normalizes the rape of women to the point where men who rape don’t even know they are rapists!”

      Patriarchy: “We live in a society that advantages men over women!”

      Toxic masculinity: “Masculinity is inherently misogynistic and homophobic!”

      Male Privilege: “When a man succeeds and a woman doesn’t it’s because our society values men over women! Men need to check their privilege and take a step back so women can succeed! When a woman succeeds and a man doesn’t it’s because of her hard work and dedication! She is breaking through male barriers and should be celebrated! If men have a problem with her or blame her success on affirmative action and lowered standards put in place because of feminism then they are just bitter and need to check their privilege!”

      Wage Gap: “Women are paid 60/75/77/85/whatever % of what men make because of sexism!!!!!!!!”

      You can tell me that any feminist that propagates this bullshit is “no true feminist” all you want. The mainstream media and more importantly, politicians believe otherwise.

      Now if you want to refute anything I have written on this blog, feel free, but coming in here to say “those aren’t REAL feminists” or “you don’t understand feminism” isn’t going to fly here because it seems I understand feminism a lot better than you do.

      It isn’t my fault your ideology is built on hate and me pointing out that hatred should not be your focus of protest.

      The hatred that I am pointing out should be your focus of protest. But it seems you, like just about every other feminist I have met, is more concerned with telling people to stop bad mouthing feminism instead of protesting the bigotry your movement promotes.

      You say radicals are the minority? Prove it. Shut them down and abolish the hateful theories that surround feminist ideology. Protest the legal discrimination enacted and/or supported by feminists and the politicians they hold in their pockets.

      Or keep telling people like me that “not all feminists are like that”

      Your choice.

      • Feminism is defiantly stupid. it looks at women’s rights and not males when it is supposedly for gender equality. This movement since 1913 was all about women’s rights and has nothing to do with women’s rights. It gives stupid bias laws that attack and surpress males. Rape laws are the most stupid laws that feminism has put in place where in nearly every inch of the U.S. has been put in place. By this law, only a woman can be raped and it can only happen by a male. STUPID SEXIST LAWS that are complex untrue and redefine the actual meaning of rape and consent. If feminism is about gender equality, and this new thing now that it is equality for everybody is hilarious. If this were really the case and not a lie just so u can be called a feminist to attack males, then why not ca urself an equalist. Feminism is stupid and it is full of man haters.

  4. *slowly clapping*

    Even thought it’s two years since the posting date, I just can’t not comment, sorry>__>)

    What I’m trying to say here is that i find your post exceptionally well thought out and sensible. Great job, I admire your patience and resolve.

  5. *slowly clapping*

    Even thought it’s two years since the posting date, I just can’t not comment, sorry.

    This is the post I’ve been searching for since stumbling on this…. words fail me… ‘list’. I am going to copy your answer to it and whip it out (with due credit, of course) whenever I’m confronted with ‘feminism works for equality’ bullshit ever again.

    Because it’s not. Never has. The movement started in a society that has ALREADY PLACED WOMEN ON TOP TIER OF SOCIETY – in a position of protection, support and care. Yes, they couldn’t vote – but guess what, men ‘paid’ for that ‘privilege’ with having to, I don’t know, ENLIST? Middle-class white ladies wanted ‘equality’ solely for the fact they wanted to own stuff for their own – and it was women of lesser means that were their biggest opposition, because guess what – they were afraid that the moment they will be allowed to vote, they will be forced to enlist. In short – we want all your rights, but without your duties.

    Which is a simplification, but one I think can’t be hammered enough until people start to accept it.
    And I’m a woman, hell, a woman not afraid to SEE how the world I live in is engineered in my favor – and yet surrounded by women who still think it’s the opposite, Who think they’re oppressed when men bend backwards to accommodate them (ye’olde Central Europe where men are expected to do my heavy lifting and open the door for me… just because>_>)

    What I’m trying to say here is that i find your post exceptionally well thought out and sensible. Great job, I admire your patience and resolve.

    • Two years…wow it’s been a while since I was all fired up from months of youtube flame wars and started a blog in order to stick it to feminist bigots.

      It’s perfectly fine, I appreciate all supportive comments no matter how old the post.

      If you would like to read more from me, or from other men and women who are against feminist bigotry you should check out avoiceformen.com if you don’t already know about it.

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