Male Privilege

Everything in every society, every field of work that has advanced mankind out of mud huts was created and perfected by men. Men are the disposable workhorses of every nation and have been since the beginning of the human race. This fact is not lost on feminists. They just don’t care. Men statistically work more days and longer hours than women. It is a fact that feminists wish to ignore. The proof in the dedication of men to work hard is seen everyday. The most dangerous fields of work on this planet are dominated by men. Not because women are forced out of those fields but because women do not want to work in those fields. Hard work is something men in general have known longer than women. But again, feminists don’t care.


A feminist hates men if…

Perhaps because to the general populations within western civilizations, especially the male half of those populations, rape is considered a crime worse than murder and men are indeed killed when simply accused of being a rapist? Perhaps the author of the list felt that if characteristics, actions, and beliefs that are mostly perceived to be male were associated with the support of a crime that is in many cases viewed as worse than murder (murder is far worse by the way) maybe people would hold those male characteristics, actions, and beliefs in very low regard?