If it Wasn’t for Feminism

It is when a woman, feminist or not, begins to question the core beliefs of feminism that that woman suddenly looses her status as a woman and becomes a brainwashed little girl. A little girl brainwashed by the Patriarchy. Yes. I do believe that feminists to some extent view womanhood as a status reserved for those that conform with the core beliefs of feminism. Similarities? The Black Panthers for one. If you weren’t with them, then you were a traitor to your race. In fact you weren’t even black at all. If you didn’t persecute Jews then you definitely weren’t a true German according to the Nazis. If you were ok with blacks drinking the same water as you then you were a traitor to your white heritage. If you believe the male gender has not and never will oppress the female gender then you are no woman, but a little girl that needs to grow up and learn how you are being oppressed.