Equality, Feministing Style

For those who have seen my first video at youtube on the topics of Men’s rights and Feminism, my feelings about the blog site Feministing are already well known. The writers there take serious issues such as rape and domestic violence and present their one sided views to the public. What are those views? Exactly what anyone would expect from a male-bashing female supremacist website full of lies and sexism. Wow, you must be thinking. That is one bold statement. What could you possibly have to back up your claim?

Glad you asked.

I really wish I hadn’t seen the pictures that were leaked of Rihanna after the supposed assault by boyfriend Chris Brown. I am not going to post them here, because I think they are too triggering. Needless to say, they show someone who was brutally attacked.

The girls and boys over at feministing do not care about simple things such as truth or integrity. No, they seem to only care about garnering sympathy and support for their own ends. What ends might those be? The complete exoneration of women from any and all responsibility or blame for any crime and or damage to society. In their minds men are the only perpetrators of domestic violence, rape, etc, and women are the only victims. Now just like we have learned in the Deconstructing Feminism section of this blog to set aside logic and reason when attempting to understand feminists, the same rules apply here.

Now let’s examine what was mentioned in the police report of this case, in other words, the facts. Something writer, Samhita it seems cares nothing about.

In writing this, I actually didn’t read what other people are saying, so please feel free to leave other links in comments. I am so deeply disturbed by this story and concerned for the impact it will have on not only what we consider the rights of women that have been victims of violence, but also the culture of victim-blaming. Can’t we show our young women a better world than that?

Can’t we show them indeed. As many had already guessed, however, Rihanna struck Chris first. Several times as a matter of fact while he was driving. Unlike our supremacists over at feministing, I will not conveniently leave out information to garner support for a message. What has been reported is that Rihanna was hitting Chris because she saw a text message from another woman. Was Chris cheating on her or was it a misplaced assumption? The answer does not concern me nor would I care if it did. Cheating on someone does not give them the right to hit you, man or woman. However there are several feminists who believe otherwise.

Now imagine yourself driving and all of a sudden come under constant slaps and scratches from your passenger. Can you maintain control of a vehicle while being hit repeatedly in the face? Over half a century ago men who hit women were considered to not be men at all. That chivalry carries over even today, in 2009 where “the fairer sex” has been statistically proven to be just as violent as men, initiating 70% of all heterosexual domestic violence disputes with…you guessed it, domestic violence.

Why do women do it? Because humans are aggressive by nature? That is one reason but some people have different views. Such as the fact that since men are expected to take an infuriated slap from a woman and move on, a woman can slap more than once to vent out her anger and then continue on with her day as if she did nothing wrong. This opinion has some basis in reality but it is not, in my belief, the reason why women so vigorously continue to assault men with little fear of any response. The reason, I feel to be true, is the fact that there will usually be no legal response. Such is the case with Rihanna and such is the case with most domestic violence disputes.

The public was not told of the fact that Rihanna started the fight, that she intiated the violence and to some extent risked both of their lives by hitting Chris while he was trying to drive. When the truth was finally revealed…no one cared. Why? Because the photos showing Rihanna’s injuries were also released. As saddening as it may be to see a woman’s face in that manner, the fact remains that the cause of Rihanna’s injuries was her own violence. There was no vicious attack as the bias writers and commenters of feministing would have people believe. The only thing that happened in that car was a fight. A fight started by an angry woman who believed she could scream at, cry at, and physically assault a man and suffer no repercussions. A fight ended by an angry man who was simply trying to maintain control of a vehicle.

In a lot of ways Rihanna was right in her assumptions. She suffered bruises, bruises that will heal. Other than that all of the legal consequences, the negative media coverage, the scorn of an enraged public, and the threats from angry “white knights” will all be suffered by Chris. Why? Because men retain all of the responsibility when it comes to the problems of society and women, much to the liking of radical feminists, remain innocent until proven guilty, but still innocent.

This is the feministing version of equality at its finest. Their “third wave” bigotry is more than welcome…in File 13.


3 thoughts on “Equality, Feministing Style

  1. Hello, and first of all great post!

    To deconstruct Feminist ideology one must only know what I deem as “the binary of victimhood”, which Feminism scurries to on any issue.

    The first one is the “independent woman”, which espouses gratuitously how women are completely independent of men. And hence, any disparity in any form between men and women, which doesn’t incur benefit to women (as Feminism is always conspicuously silent on this when it does behoove women) is always consigned to “sexism against women” or men’s “ineptitude to acquiesce to women’s independence”.

    The other one is the “angelic woman”. This stresses men’s innate proclivity to subjugate women, and women as assiduous victim’s of men’s perpetual oppression. It relies on men’s desire to chivalrously contemn their own needs, and solely protect and incessantly endear themselves towards women.

    Feminism simply swings the pendulum to each side depending on which side will confer the most benefit to women at any given moment.

    Once one comprehends this as the furtive axiom behind Feminism, it becomes easy to demarcate it as the puerile, insipid, hypocritical ideology that it is.

    At any rate thanks for showing how prejudiced and bigoted Feministing truly is.

  2. “a woman can slap more than once to vent out her anger and then continue on with her day as if she did nothing wrong”

    Female privilege. Don’t think this thing is limited to america, The EXACT same thing happens in australia.

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