A Womensphere of Double Standards

Equality: The state or quality of being equal.

Feminists claim they are for equality yet their actions and writings prove differently. One such article in particular caught my attention while searching for some information on International Men’s day. A day and event I had no idea existed until recently. The day is in itself a balance to International Women’s day, the frenzied celebration of women, which I have no personal grudges with. Feminists on the other hand, seem to have a problem with celebrating men. They believe that instead of men embracing their gender and claiming a day for themselves to reflect upon the many male issues of the world, we should instead just say fuck it and join them in demonizing us some more.

March 8 is known globally as International Women’s Day, and it’s a day that is fast approaching. That name, “Women’s Day,” may offend some people and lead some men to ask – either seriously or in jest – “when’s ‘International Men’s Day?’” Don’t let the name fool you, I would reply. Men play a part in this very important day, too. This year’s theme, in fact, is “Women and men united to end violence against women and girls.”

An article written over at Womensphere (can they be any more obvious?) tells us that Men’s day is just a petty temper tantrum created in response to those evil feminazis who took ouar jeeooobs!

Their solution? Drop Men’s day and focus all of our attention on domestic violence against women because women are the only victims of domestic violence and men are the only perpetrators.

Did you catch that? “Women and men.” But a lot of men don’t want to recognize that they play a role in women’s issues as well. They would rather just blame the victims of violence against women and pretend they have no stake and no influence in the matter. I don’t beat my girlfriend so I’m doing my part – right? Wrong.

I would have to disagree here but whoa as me my tiny male knuckle dragging brain might overload if I try to think outside the “womensphere” of reality when it comes to domestic violence. There was a time when you would never see or hear a feminist acknowledge the fact that women commit domestic violence against men and boys. Now, although a rarity, it does pop up from time to time. However, it is never mentioned without an immediate follow up of “women suffer  more.” While this may be true the numbers of men and women suffering domestic violence from their partners is almost equal and 70% of nonreciprocal violence is instigated by women. What does that mean? It means that most of the time a woman initiates domestic violence and men defend themselves. This didn’t stop feminists from spreading propaganda such as this womensphere article to garner funds from the government for their women only domestic violence shelters.

What other advice does the womensphere have for men?

There are a number of things men can do to prevent violence against women. Robert Jensen – in his latest book, Getting Off: Pornography and the End of Masculinity – encourages men to join a pro-feminism organization if they want to help on a grassroots level.

Ah. We should emasculate ourselves and become feminists.

The very fact that many men consider these terms derogatory is a symptom of the problem: it shows that the emphasis on masculinity is overblown. Men generally believe that they have to act manly – for many this means being dominant, assertive and violent. But why? I think the thing most men fear is not what will happen if they act in not-so-manly ways; they fear what other men will think of them if they do.

Ok. So being masculine means we love to dance around fire and beat the shit out of anything and everything we see. If we don’t we’ll be laughed at by our peers and forced to beat the shit out of them too. Got it.

On the flip side, we have to acknowledge the fact that a small number of men will gladly label themselves “feminists”: this, too, is a problem. These men incorrectly figure that they should join the feminist crusade because women are weak or powerless and require a man’s help – and perhaps leadership – in the fight for their rights. Jensen refers to this as “white knight syndrome.” While it may sound innocent enough, this kind of mentality also works against real feminism. Men have to learn to be unafraid of the feminist label without getting it in their heads that they’re somehow saving the day. They have to recognize women for who they really are: individuals equal to but different from men; individuals who, because of a number of factors, have to face a number of social challenges men don’t have to face; and individuals who are independent from men.

Wait a minute…so we’re not supposed to become feminists? We’re suppose to just lick their heels and jump at their every command. Ok now I see. Oh and we have to accept the fact that we do not understand women and cannot define them. We must realize they are independent from us and don’t need us…except for when they need us. Right.

While it looks like I may have painted all men with the same brush, I realize that all men are different and that not all men are bad, but the generalizations I’ve employed are for the most part accurate. While men may not be to blame for the condition they’re in, they do have some responsibility to change it. Furthermore, while they may not be directly or totally to blame for the condition women are in, they have some responsibility to change it, too. Face it – it’s true. And I believe there is no better time to embrace these two truths than on March 8, “International Women’s Day.”

There it is gentlemen. Feminists have the supreme knowledge and authority to tell us men what we are, how we think, how to define ourselves, what we are at fault for, and the responsibilities we have for fixing it. While of course, feminism has caused no problems for men, no discrimination or bias laws. Feminists have no responsibility (shocked? I’m not) according to womensphere because there are no bias laws. Men have created all problems and it is our job to fix them but we must make sure that our methods are acceptable to feminists.

Now that exposing the nonsense of a feminist mind is out of the way. Let’s look at the facts, the sources for which have been linked to my Deconstructing Feminism posts for all to see.

1. Women are just as human as men, a fact that was not born of or supported by feminism.

2. Women commit just as much domestic violence as men and are the primary cause of it through violent instigation.

3. While a man can not define a woman, a woman can not define a man, regardless of how much the femi-fascists over at womensphere want to try.

4. Men have nothing against a day to recognize female issues.

5. Feminists will protest anything that sheds light on male issues, i.e the very article I have been referring to.

Womensphere, file 13 welcomes you to the trash pit of bigotry littered with senseless feminist male blaming theories and rhetoric.


3 thoughts on “A Womensphere of Double Standards

  1. “for many this means being dominant, assertive and violent.”

    No not for many, For feminists, it is feminists who have horrid definitions for ‘manly and ‘masculine’

    Here’s some positive masculine attributes


    I also love how they bash their ignorant male followers, Way to shoot yourselves in the foot. Male feminists are the crux of the problem with the feminist movement, Feminists proudly show them off for display, They say,look! Men can be feminists too!

    Hey, I once let a man in my house! I have male friends!!!

    It’s so cute how they don’t realize how horribly blatant their sexism becomes in a plight to make them and their followers appear not sexist.

    “I realize that all men are different ” oh how flattered we are!
    That’s not what we believe, That’s not what we want to hear. I think most men and women are sheep just in different ways, That shit is damn ignorant and it isn’t fooling anyone.

  2. And yeah that was a parody of the amazing atheists video: Glenn Beck = Racist

    It shows that the exact same thing that points out racism and the racist can be used to point out sexism and the sexist.

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