Rape Culture

Rape culture. Before you start wondering, yes, the explanation that describes this theory is as ridiculous as the theory itself sounds. This theory has been linked to the causes of domestic violence against women, sexism against women, and of course rape, which, if read in any feminist text, is a crime committed only by men. To understand this theory we must ignore the staggering numbers of women raping other women. We must also brush aside the high percentage of domestic violence among lesbian couples. Finally we have to completely disregard the fact that women rape men and boys. You must come to believe as the majority of feminists do that it is impossible for a woman to rape a man and that 99% of all rapists are men. I know that it is hard for rational people to set aside proven and sensible facts that refute this but to understand why rape culture is such a dangerous epidemic, for these next few minutes you will have to join gender feminists or female supremacists as they are rightfully categorized in ignoring facts and logic.

What is a rape culture? Well, it has no official definition (surprise, surprise) so to find out its meaning I had to go to the only place it is discussed, feminist websites. Rape culture is a term used within women’s studies and feminism, describing a culture in which rape and other sexual violence (usually against women) are common and in which prevalent attitudes, norms, practices, and media condone, normalize, excuse, or encourage sexualized violence.

Within the paradigm, acts of sexism are commonly employed to validate and rationalize normative misogynistic practices; for instance, sexist jokes may be told to foster disrespect for women and an accompanying disregard for their well-being, which ultimately make their rape and abuse seem “acceptable”. Examples of behaviors said to typify rape culture include victim blaming, trivializing prison rape, and sexual objectification.

If all of that was hard to read or listen to, believe me, it was a lot harder for me to copy and paste it and say it. Let’s examine the behaviors that typify rape culture.

Victim blaming. Ah, the first thing any feminist will accuse a man or woman who questions the validity of a rape accusation made by a woman of doing. If we ask why said victim was making sexual advances towards said rapist before the crime took place, we are victim blaming. If we ask why said victim was dressed in such a way as to attract the attention of the opposite sex, we are victim blaming. If we ask why said victim drank herself into a drunken stupor and jumped into bed with said rapist, then we are of course, victim blaming.

Trivializing prison rape. Where in any country is prison rape trivialized I wonder? In any feminist organization or website perhaps? In the media prison rape is seen as a justified punishment for men and only men who commit any crime. What about female prison rape? That seems to be more trivialized as it is rarely brought up by the media or feminists. Female prison rape is indeed trivialized in our society, by feminists. They don’t bring this up for the simple reason of outrage control. How can the public be focused solely on and angered by male rapists if they are educated on the fact that women rape other women, in and out of prison?

Sexual objectification. Feminists feel that because women are standing in front of advertisements wearing bikinis they are being objectified. Forget the fact that these women choose to do this, forget logic, and forget reason. These women are objectified. Now what do feminists say to excuse their disbelief in male objectification in the media? The first and most commonly used excuse is “women are objectified more.” The second? “Those men choose to be paraded around on T.V. and billboards with no shirts.” These double standards are used in just about every feminist excuse for not giving a damn about male issues that far exceed objectification.

I’m sure those who have seen my previous videos are wondering why I am listing feminist rhetoric that has nothing to do with any real legal issues. Don’t worry. The first half of this message was used only to help people understand why feminists have no concern for men inside of the law by explaining their utter lack of concern for men outside of the law.

The main focus point of this message is about how feminists use the fabricated theory of rape culture to excuse the sexual responsibility of women and help further their advocacy for not punishing women who falsely accuse men of rape. How do they do this? Enter the number one reason feminists believe women falsely accuse men of rape, slut shaming. That’s right, if I made stuff like this up I’d be making millions in book sales to feminist cult members too. What is slut shaming? Exactly what it sounds like. According to feminists if a woman sleeps with multiple partners on a weekly basis she is categorized as a slut. If a man sleeps with multiple partners on a weekly basis he is categorized as a stud. Basically, no man is ever called a slut if he has sex with lots of women as said by feminists.

When a woman’s friends find out that she has had sex with a lot of men, because of the slut shaming she faces, the woman is pressured by society to deny that any of the sex was consensual and that she was instead raped. No, I didn’t make that up. According to feminists, women are so weak willed, fragile, and immoral that instead of cutting the ties of friendship with these slut shaming people she will deny her act of consensual sex and instead, choose to have a man arrested and more than likely imprisoned than endure anymore of the name calling that her fragile emotions can’t take. Furthermore, her friends, meaning every friend of every woman in the western world are also so weak willed that they will throw away their friendship in order to constantly hound their timid female friend with insults born of indoctrination and gender socialization.

By now, if none of this sounds ridiculous to you then congratulations, you’re a feminist.

Feminists defend women who falsely accuse men of rape with these ideals. They march the streets claiming their message is that women are strong yet their theories suggest otherwise. It has been proven that women will lie about rape out of spite, to excuse infidelity, win custody battles, and sometimes, because they feel like it. Stating these facts will anger feminists. Not because people will start condemning women for the crimes they commit, but because it ruins the angelic image of women that feminists try so hard to create. Simply put, if women are perceived to be just as violent, vicious, and human as men then the laws that grant them more rights and protection would indeed be discriminatory towards men. These facts and the logic they carry are irrefutable. However, many have come to realize from the actions and writings of feminists, refuting facts and logic is not their goal. Instead they justify the unjust laws that deny men their civil rights with senseless and unproven theories such as rape culture and the patriarchy.

The theory of rape culture insinuates an inherent weakness in the minds and bodies of women. I reject the belief that women are so weak they feel they must ruin lives in order to stop condescending glares and insults. As it turns out, women are not weak and the crimes committed by women are condemned by women. These women want what every other person that believes in justice wants. They want criminals to be punished for the crimes they commit and for those punishments to fit the crimes. They want men and women to be innocent until proven guilty. They want the arrests of men without probable cause to end. They want the names and photos of their husbands and sons to be kept out of the media when accused of rape like the accusers’ names and photos are. They want false rape accusers to serve the same amount of time in prison a rapist would, instead of letting them remain free and ruin the life of someone else.

Feminists, female and male, are against true justice such as this and would rather have men and women continue to uphold the injustice that has infected our legal systems. They would rather continue to hold their bigoted theories such as rape culture in the limelight.

Too bad Humanists, Men’s Rights Activists, and anyone with common sense have already put the feminist theory of rape culture where it rightfully belongs…file 13.


5 thoughts on “Rape Culture

  1. So, if a feminist has kids. Maybe a son. Is that son automatically labeled a rapist? I have never raped anyone, am I as a male, still a rapist??

    I agree 100% that this theory, (among others in feminist doctrine) makes women out to be weak minded retards (which they are not)

    PS…. Who raises abusive children?? Well, abusive MOTHERS of course!!!

    • “So, if a feminist has kids. Maybe a son. Is that son automatically labeled a rapist?”

      You would think that sounds crazy but some feminists believe that to be true. They believe they have to “fix” young boys at an early age.

  2. Well, came here looking for the links to the “sources” for all the bullshit on YouTube and found none, nothing but truly hysterical ranting by anti-feminist men afraid of even acknowledging, let alone giving up, their privilege (because, of course, if they don’t have the automatic privilege granted by their gender or colour or ethnicity or ableness or whatever false and random category they fall into, they don’t know who they are; they lose their identity. Which is a sad commentary on anti-feminist men AND women in patriarchy).

    The quote above:

    “PS…. Who raises abusive children?? Well, abusive MOTHERS of course!!!

    REALLY? And where are the FATHERS?

  3. “Racism and the Myth of a “Victim Mentality” –Applies/Intersects with Feminism and the So-Called Deconstruction of “Rape Culture” above (since the author has claimed to me to be a black man, perhaps this will have some relevance to him):

    “The Racist and Ignorant Underpinnings of the Victim Mentality Argument

    “It’s a common argument, made by those who would rather ignore or finesse the problem of racism [misogyny] in America. If you can’t argue the facts, never fear, just suggest that certain facts are too dangerous to be spoken. The possibility that persons of color [women] might adopt a victim mentality once they learn the extent of racism [misogyny], means we simply have to move on, and tell those who are, as a matter of fact, often the victims of injustice not to dwell on their experiences too much, lest their commitment to self-help be vitiated.

    “That such an argument as this is fundamentally racist [sexist/misogynist] should be obvious. First, it presumes that persons of color [women] are too stupid to already know what it is they’re experiencing. Those who bemoan the so-called victim mindset appear to believe that no one would think about racism [sexism/misogyny] were it not for the constant presence of liberals and leftists [FEMINISTS –many of those who are anti-feminists ARE liberals and leftists, shockingly] raising the issue.

    “Secondly, the argument supposes that black and brown folks [women] are so weak-willed that if they really understood the obstacles in their way, they would crumble like pie crust. As such, the fact that prominent black conservatives like Shelby Steele or Walter Williams ‘prominent anti-feminist women such as Ann Coulter, Phyllis Schlafley and Michelle Malkin (who, btw, I would NEVER compare in intellect and stature to the black conservatives listed here0 are among the most outspoken proponents of this argument–that discussing racism [sexism/misogyny] risks the inculcation of a permanent victim mentality–suggests how little they think of their own racial group.”

    Etc. If you REALLY care about the issue and are not simply an anti-feminist trying to justify an unjustifiable postion, you might read it.


    • “REALLY and where are the FATHERS”

      Paying forced child support or in jail because they can’t afford to pay because the mothers LIED about DV (that men and women commit EQUALLY) and child abuse (that MOTHERS tip the scale for).

      The only denier here is you. You deny women being at fault for anything to hold on to your privileged victim status. Also, as I said, the sources for the video representation for this article are in the SIDEBAR over at youtube. If you are too retarded to click on the SEVERAL links I put there then it is not my problem. Also if you are too fucking stupid to click on the green highlighted links on this article then oh well.

      You have said nothing to prove anything you claimed here or on my video and you have said and shown nothing to disprove ANYTHING I have said in this article or in my video.

      “Since the author has claimed to be a black man”

      This goes hand in hand with your need for a victim status and helps to prove your own victim mentality. I AM BLACK YOU DUMB FUCK. And your desperate need for me to be one of your “white privileged males” is spewing from you like hot bile.

      “racism (misogyny)”

      Racism is not misogyny and the bullshit claim that feminists have for “fighting against racism” has been unmasked for the lie that it is. Dr King fought racism and won. No one can legally stop someone from doing what they want because of their race in any public establishment=RACISM DEFEATED.

      You cannot force people to like someone. If a person wants to dislike another because of their race then that is their ignorant problem but they can not legally act on that hate so it is irrelevant. The same goes for women’s rights. It was won by the suffragists, not you bigoted, male demonizing, lying, statistic falsifying feminists that have destroyed millions of lives over the years with your misandry.

      “if you can’t argue the facts, never fear, just suggest that certain facts are too dangerous to be spoken.”

      This is laughable coming from you, someone who has done nothing to disprove anything I have said. You have brought nothing, while my sources speak for themselves. You lose, get over it.

      “Secondly, the argument supposes that black and brown folks [women] are so weak-willed that if they really understood the obstacles in their way, they would crumble like pie crust.”

      Thank you for supporting my argument, fool. This is exactly what I suggested in the article. Bigoted feminists, just like you, are responsible for the victim mentality many women hold today. But guess what? Women with actual intelligence that are not stupid enough to fall in line behind you feminist bigots just because they hear the “1/4 women are raped!” LIE are the real strong and independent women in America and I am proud to be ending the bigotry of feminism with them. Why don’t you try actually reading my article again because now you are way beyond pathetic. Your attempt at refuting me was only a repeat of what I already stated. And what I stated refutes your “slut shaming” “rape culture (mens fault)” bullshit.

      Women are privileged in western society. Men and women have woken up to this. And guess what? We are going to change it.

      No longer will it be the standard operating procedure for police to arrest men who call for help in a DV case.

      No longer will men and boys be turned away from DV shelters (Two bigoted gender feminist run state DV organizations sued and lost. Forty-eight more to go) just because they are male.

      No longer will unconstitutional rape shield laws make defending yourself against a FALSE accusation nearly impossible and allow men to be put away on TESTIMONY alone.

      No longer will female pedophiles be seen as “mentally ill” or “in a relationship” with their victim. They will be seen for what they are, child rapists.

      No longer will public service announcements, billboards, pamphlets, classes, and ALL other advertisements ON THE PLANET pertaining to domestic violence only feature a man hitting a woman.

      No longer will gender feminists be able to define which woman is strong and independent and which woman is “subservient” to a man.

      “If you REALLY care about the issue and are not simply an anti-feminist trying to justify an unjustifiable postion, you might read it.”

      Unjustifiable? Advocating for a Violence Against PEOPLE Act is unjustifiable?

      Advocating for men to be given FAIR trials and not be broadcast all over the COUNTRY when ACCUSED (not convicted) of rape by a woman (and only a woman, there is no vice versa even though women rape men) is unjustifiable?

      Advocating for men and boys to receive aid from GOVERNMENT FUNDED state domestic violence shelters (they can’t because the GENDER FEMINISTS who run them mandated that their employees MUST believe that only men commit DV) is unjustifiable?

      Advocating for DEFAULT joint 50/50 custody in a divorce is unjustifiable?

      Advocating against the BIGOTED BIAS against men in family courts is unjustifiable?

      Advocating for women to receive the SAME punishments, JAIL TIME, and scorn that men do when they commit crimes and for it to actually be ACKNOWLEDGED in the western world is unjustifiable?

      Advocating for bigoted “women’s councils” in the WHITE HOUSE to be stripped of their ability to do things such as divert the stimulus away from the ones who needed it the MOST (men in the physically demanding jobs that most women chose not to undertake, these men make up 80% of the jobs lost in the recession) is unjustifiable?

      No, bigot. My position is not unjustifiable. I am a humanist and I support MRAs. MILLIONS of other men AND WOMEN have joined the “unjustifiable” cause and are gaining ground. We are doing it legally without using your lying tactics and we are winning. Your sexist bigoted policies will change and feminism will be reduced to that of the remnants of the KKK and the Neo Nazis. You will be looked upon as fools full of hate and NONE of your bigoted UNPROVEN THEORIES AND IDEOLOGIES will EVER be let into the legal system again.

      Now I will say this to you one last time, REFUTE MY FUCKING ARGUMENT or cease with your bullshit.

      Anti-feminist does NOT equal anti-woman and the woman’s rights struggle was IN NO WAY comparable to the civil rights struggle and I am sick and tired of you bigots trying to claim that it was. You insult my ancestors when you speak your lies and pathetic attempts at comparing woman’s rights to African American rights and don’t you fucking dare ask me why because you already know and as I said on youtube your lies end here, with me. I am not some uneducated moronic man or woman that you can guilt or infuriate into your BIGOTED cause and I am too educated on the FACTS to believe your lies.

      Misogyny: The hatred of women (I and most anti-feminists, that’s men and women, for that matter have shown none in any videos, articles, or statements and your repeated claims that anti-feminists are somehow woman haters only helps show the world the ignorance feminism has spread)

      Misandry: The hatred of men

      Feminism: Equality for women

      Anti-feminism: The quest for legal equality for BOTH men and women

      Gender Feminism (your brand): Creating and advocating for (with male demonizing propaganda and falsified statistics) sexist bigoted laws against men that favor women. In short, misandry.

      As I say several times at this blog, not all feminists are bigots but FEMINISM has created and spread legal BIGOTRY against men. People are fed up with this and the time for it to end is now.

      Upset? Cry me a river, build me a bridge, and GET THE FUCK OVER IT.

      YOUR BIGOTRY will soon be abolished.

      Get ready.

      Have a nice day 🙂

      Jared “jmnzz” White

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