Gender Socialization

Indoctrination. This is the foundation for the feminist theory of gender socialization. That theory is one of the many pillars that support the feminist ideal that, men, their masculinity, and natural instincts are at the root of all the problems every society on the planet faces. We can travel the world with this theory later but for now let’s focus on western societies. Feminist texts state that gender roles, the traditional positions men and women held in family structures a century ago, are filled by males and females who have been force fed the ideals of those roles since birth. According to feminists, men and women are metaphorical descriptions of males and females whose only differences are the minor differences in their brains and bodily features. I’m sure there was a time when feminists denied the now proven differences in the male and female brain to support their theories. However, now faced with scientific facts, they do what most radicals will do when their ideas are proven to be wrong, they brush the facts aside as insignificant and continue on with their propaganda.

G.I. Joe action figures and Barbie dolls are some of the atrocities feminists claim help further the indoctrination of our youth. However, when we set aside the obvious nonsense we can see the point these aggravated women and guilt stricken men are trying to shed light upon. Young boys usually are given toys that depict and support an aggressive nature while dolls and easy bake ovens are marketed to young girls. Is this a form of indoctrination? Feminists sure do think so. However, if we broaden the view of how the majority of boys and girls behave in their youth we can see traits that compliment Joe and Barbie. Let a young boy loose with other boys and they will almost always engage in some form of physical activity for fun. This is also true for girls. When young, all children run and jump and swing and play. However, when things get too rough as they usually do with children, Joe will usually rise from the tempers of the young boys while Barbie will watch from the sidelines. Is this true for all boys and girls? Of course not, but logic usually favors the majority.

Young women are influenced by the media to be homemakers while men are encouraged to seek scientific or political fame. This was true a century ago, it is not today. If all men and women followed the ideals of what adults were supposed to strive for presented in the media then the west would be dominated with fat, lazy, and indeed mentally retarded men who did nothing but crack open a beer and watch a never ending cycle of the game. While every woman would be a smart, sassy, and successful diva who’s every word and whim did something that bettered the world. Now if you nodded your head to those words thinking that’s exactly how it is now, congratulations, you’re a feminist.

I am not doing this to change the unchangeable minds of radical feminists. This is for the undecided and unbiased men and women who don’t give a damn about feminism, humanists, men’s rights activists, or any gender issues but are just a little curious as I once was.

The ideals and beliefs of feminists rarely concern me. However, this belief is a major reason why western legal systems have been contaminated with the infectious double standards of feminism. When a woman calls the police because her husband or boyfriend has hit her, the police will, race down the streets sirens blaring, and when they arrive will rightfully arrest the perpetrator of the domestic violence. However, when a man calls the police because his wife or girlfriend has hit him, the police will, creep down the streets making sure they don’t run any red lights. When they arrive they will, according to the primary aggressor section of VAWA, rightfully arrest the individual who can cause the most bodily harm to the other. When a man calls the police because his wife or girlfriend has stabbed and or hit him with several blunt objects the police will, race down the streets sirens blaring and when they arrive will, according to the feminist theory of gender socialization, arrest the man who knows from his indoctrination that he is superior to women and the only reason she could be trying to kill him must be because of something he did. Does this sound unconstitutional? It sure does. This is why feminist run domestic violence shelters are being sued and losing for discrimination against men.

Are the different attitudes people have toward life a social construct? Or are they just natural instincts? This argument couldn’t be solved without a major global experiment that spans thousands of years. Scientists would have to gather a male and female from every race and place them on different landmasses, isolating them from each other. Next, scientists would need to strip these males and females of any human technology and all knowledge of it. Finally, the scientists would need to sit back and watch these males and females do their thing. They would need to study what they would do given harsh environmental conditions and dangerous wildlife. They would need to study the artifacts the civilizations spawned from these males and females would leave behind. Then from all of this overwhelming evidence, scientists would be able to conclude the different roles males and females would adopt to survive. Scientists would also be able to observe what a male and female would instinctually do given these conditions since there would be no G.I. Joe and no Barbie to guide their outlooks on life.

Oh wait…I think nature already did that experiment and in the process has placed the feminist theory of gender socialization where it rightfully belongs…file thirteen.


6 thoughts on “Gender Socialization

  1. I do think that radical feminism, and I stress radical feminism, tends to place men in a very bad position. I also despise the commercials where the men are portrayed as lazy and dumb and the women take care of every little problem. Is that the way I want my husband to behave? Absolutely not! However, I don’t think you can necessarily say that since not all men and women act like this that this disproves gender socialization, because NOT every message we get is that men are dumb and women are smart. I think it would be safer to say that we get mixed messages. There are still plenty of commericals, shows, and books (ESPECIALLY those geared toward children) that place men and women in exclusively traditional roles. I think it’s dangerous to completely obliterate the concept of gender socialization just because of the ways people have misused it. To say that there are no inherent differences between men and women is extreme… but to say that every difference between men and women IS exclusively inherent is also extreme, because our society and social and cultural norms have such an impact on the way we perceive the world. What’s really bugging you here? Gender socialization, or radical feminists? I apologize if I seem critical, but I see that you’ve only gotten one comment on what I consider a well-expressed viewpoint, even if I don’t agree entirely, and I thought you might appreciate another opinion.

    • I don’t care for the separation of radical feminists from so called moderates. While the so called “minority” the radicals, were marching through the streets demonizing men and then took that demonizing to schools, public service announcements, and the government, the moderates just sat idly by and let it happen.

      There was no, “those aren’t real feminists” back when this all got started. Now that men and women are speaking out against the bigotry feminists have spread, the moderates frequent the organizations of those men and women trying to silence them. Now all of a sudden the name of feminism has to be defended. Maybe the moderates should march into NOW and shut it down. I think that would end everyone’s problem with feminism. if not, then stop coming to anti-feminist organizations or blogs and saying “stop bad mouthing feminism”

      If you didn’t cause the tarnishing of the name, you damn well didn’t do anything to stop it.

      Everyone is socialized in some way but what I was refuting was the ridiculous feminist claims of Patriarchal socialization. Contrary to popular feminist belief, instincts and biology are a part of humans because humans are mammals. Men tend to want to lead and take more risks and dive into dangerous situations because males are instinctual protectors and providers. However, just because humans have instincts does not mean they are bound by them and it does not mean there can be no outside influence. But the family roles of the past and the way men and women act today (masculinity and femininity) is simple biology.

      Feminists demonize masculinity but that won’t stop it from being a part of men and their denouncement of femininity wont stop that from being a part of women. Just about every civilization on this planet has developed in a similar fashion. Men lead, women support. These instincts are the reason humans survived. Now they are no longer needed to survive and people want to ignore them. Again that does not mean they are not there.

      So I agree with you, socialization is real. If men and women were spoon fed T.V. series like “The King of Queens” or “Everybody Loves Raymond” Every day since birth then they would in fact believe that is the norm, but they would eventually break free because of influence from their natural instincts. Instead of 300 pound man being afraid of pissing off a 110 pound woman with a mean New York accent we would have completely different scenarios.

      But hey just take all of that as a well observed opinion because no one can say for certain what the makes of life are. People can only base their knowledge about humans on the actions of humans. And I happen to believe the actions are in my favor.

  2. This is just an observation, but I guess you could compare radical feminism to another radical group: radical conservative Christians, specifically the cases we’ve heard about where groups of Christians loudly protest at homosexual soldiers’ funerals. Would you also then consider it the responsibility of Christians in general to protest these Christians’ actions vehemently, or would you just expect people to realize that it was a minority group, like the Islamic Taliban, etc, etc? Christians probably should be quick to condemn such radical actions, but I have a feeling our society in general would be more willing to forgive them than we would other less popular groups. Feminism has spread bigotry, but so has pretty much any decent-sized group out there, and honestly we tend to see what we want to see… just an opinion but I have a feeling that if moderate feminists had tried to speak up in the midst of blazing radical feminist action, they would have been waved away because negativity sells. “Oh, you’re saying this ISN’T what true feminism stands for? Ha! Yeah right! I can see it right on my TV screen, and we all know the media doesn’t lie!” Not an accurate response, but sadly one that many people follow, especially when it’s what they want to hear/see. Plus… are you really going to hold all feminists forever accountable to this one group, whether they condemned their actions or not? Like… decades from now? Or is there a time limit? Should I hate all Christians today because of the way they used to treat Jews? Furthermore, Are all Christians the same? Are all Muslims the same? Are all black people the same? Are all white people the same? Are all feminists the same?… I would say probably not. But, just an opinion.

    However, on the subject of gender socialization, I agree that it’s a combination of biological and social factors, although, like you said, it’s very difficult to tell. Maybe discussions such as these can help us figure it out, and that’s what we all should want in the long run.

    • There is one difference between the bigotry feminism has spread and the bigotry of other groups.

      The bigotry feminism has spread is legal. VAWA, rape shield laws that do everything to protect the accuser but the accused has his life ruined, bias in family courts due to false feminist statistics about DV and child abuse.

      I am well aware of radical christian groups just like I am aware of Neo Nazis and remnants of the KKK. The difference again lies with the legality of it all. People treat these groups as jokes where as feminist bigotry is given seats in the government and is responsible for diverting things such as the stimulus package from the 80% of people (men in construction and other hard laboring jobs) who needed it most to female dominated jobs that were obviously given the figures not hit as hard.

      I do not believe radicals are the minority either. Most feminist organizations that are active in political and social fields, the largest being NOW, think all of the bigotry I just listed is “just”

      They believe that turning away men and their children from DV shelters is the right thing because their policies are that men are the only ones who commit DV. This has been proven to not be the case yet these feminists, that run state DV organizations, that means all of the domestic violence shelters in a state, mandate that their employees believe only men commit DV. The proof of this is in the lawsuits filed against two of these state organizations and that they lost. More lawsuits for the other 48 states are being drawn up.

      Now if this so called “minority” were just something to be ignored like the Neo Nazis there would not be this much activism against it. People don’t like the Neo Nazis but as long as they don’t break the law and none of their hatred is legalized, they are free to do what they wish and I would feel the same way about any feminist, radical or moderate but the fact remains that the radicals, which I believe to be the majority are continuously spreading bigoted laws against men and they must be stopped.

      You have a point about one thing though. Moderate feminists are indeed not obligated to care about the plights men face because of feminism. I doubt that many do care. My point is not that moderates are bad because they don’t help. My point is they are bad because while they don’t want to waste their time denouncing the radicals, they are more than willing to waste their time going to anti-feminist organizations or blogs or videos and protesting our message. A message that is simply “end the bigotry”

      We are branded as misogynists if we are men and brainwashed little girls if we are women all because we lay the fault of the bigotry where it should lay. I rarely see radicals protesting us anymore, unless they are in the government. No, mostly now I only see the so called moderates still propagating the same lies of the radicals and telling us to stop blaming feminism.

      Feminism is to blame. Not every person within the movement, but the movement itself if you get my meaning. Everything that is brought up in the name of feminism now a days is obliged no matter how unjust towards men it may be.

      So while I know you will obviously disagree on which is the majority I find it hard not to see my point in all of this. Blaming every woman or man within the feminist movement is not what I or any of the anti-feminists I am associated with have done.

      We do not advocate anything that would infringe on the rights of women either.

      And this last part is just my point of view. If moderates don’t want to help us stop the bigots then at least stop trying to stop us.

      What sense does it make to be against the group that is against the group that you are against?

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