Best Interest of the Child

Notice a simple contradiction. Feminists deny the fact that domestic violence and child abuse are two of many things women can use to win custody battles due to bias courts. At the same time they claim that the main reason women initiate divorce the most is because husbands beat their wives and abuse their children. Maybe the courts aren’t bias at all and men really do just beat the women they marry and children they father. That would explain away the explanations of the Men’s Rights groups and put a sound reasoning to the feminist reason behind the fact that mothers receive custody of the children nearly 80% of the time.

Of course to come to that conclusion one must ignore the fact that mothers are the primary abusers of children. However, feminists haven’t ignored this fact. Instead they have another solid explanation. More children live with their mothers than fathers so it would make sense that mothers abuse their children more.


Equality, Feministing Style

The girls and boys over at feministing do not care about simple things such as truth or integrity. No, they seem to only care about garnering sympathy and support for their own ends. What ends might those be? The complete exoneration of women from any and all responsibility or blame for any crime and or damage to society. In their minds men are the only perpetrators of domestic violence, rape, etc, and women are the only victims. Now just like we have learned in the Deconstructing Feminism section of this blog to set aside logic and reason when attempting to understand feminists, the same rules apply here.

A Womensphere of Double Standards

Equality: The state or quality of being equal.

Feminists claim they are for equality yet their actions and writings prove differently. One such article in particular caught my attention while searching for some information on International Men’s day. A day and event I had no idea existed until recently. The day is in itself a balance to International Women’s day, the frenzied celebration of women, which I have no personal grudges with. Feminists on the other hand, seem to have a problem with celebrating men. They believe that instead of men embracing their gender and claiming a day for themselves to reflect upon the many male issues of the world, we should instead just say fuck it and join them in demonizing us some more.

Rape Culture

The main focus point of this message is about how feminists use the fabricated theory of rape culture to excuse the sexual responsibility of women and help further their advocacy for not punishing women who falsely accuse men of rape. How do they do this? Enter the number one reason feminists believe women falsely accuse men of rape, slut shaming. That’s right, if I made stuff like this up I’d be making millions in book sales to feminist cult members too. What is slut shaming? Exactly what it sounds like. According to feminists if a woman sleeps with multiple partners on a weekly basis she is categorized as a slut. If a man sleeps with multiple partners on a weekly basis he is categorized as a stud. Basically, no man is ever called a slut if he has sex with lots of women as said by feminists.

Gender Socialization

The ideals and beliefs of feminists rarely concern me. However, this belief is a major reason why western legal systems have been contaminated with the infectious double standards of feminism. When a woman calls the police because her husband or boyfriend has hit her, the police will, race down the streets sirens blaring, and when they arrive will rightfully arrest the perpetrator of the domestic violence. However, when a man calls the police because his wife or girlfriend has hit him, the police will, creep down the streets making sure they don’t run any red lights. When they arrive they will, according to the primary aggressor section of VAWA, rightfully arrest the individual who can cause the most bodily harm to the other. When a man calls the police because his wife or girlfriend has stabbed and or hit him with several blunt objects the police will, race down the streets sirens blaring and when they arrive will, according to the feminist theory of gender socialization, arrest the man who knows from his indoctrination that he is superior to women and the only reason she could be trying to kill him must be because of something he did. Does this sound unconstitutional? It sure does. This is why feminist run domestic violence shelters are being sued and losing for discrimination against men.